Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Values" votes in the 2004 election

Editor's Cut: Stand and Fight

Catching up on ancient blog entries. This article was talking about the 2004 election upset and brought up the issues of why Republicans and the so-called religious right think that their divisive issues are the only "moral" issues at stake.

What about fighting poverty and affordable health care?
What about the issues of quality of life instead of "life at any cost" (well, at least after overlooking the pro death penalty thing)?
What about enjoying sexuality instead of repressing it as sinful? Why shouldn't the FCC be regulating Violence on the airwaves instead of nipples? More nipples should be a core value! Spin the anti-nipple crowd as pro-violence on TV!
What about honesty over deceit and lies?
What about the character to admit you are wrong?
What about a fair working wage for every American?
What about not breaking the law to uphold the law?
What about love and tolerance instead of hatred and intolerance?

Whose values will win out in 2006 and 2008 elections? I vote for mine.

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