Sunday, February 18, 2007

Clearwire secure? Clear as mud in their own words.

I got an advertisement for Clearwire wireless broadband to my house that had a terrible Q & A about security:
Q: How secure is the connection? Is it more secure than Wi-Fi? A: Your Clearwire connection is very secure. That's because Clearwire wireless technology uses OFDM transmission protocol, featuring a design standard that includes secure wireless data transmission.
Well, it starts off not too bad. Very high-level and milquetoast of a response. But unfortunately, they continue:
Wi-Fi operates on unlicensed 2.4GHz frequencies, making it vulnerable to scanning and packet interception. Clearwire operates at licensed 2.5GHz frequencies. Licensed frequencies and OFDM make for a very secure connection.
Yes. Take your security soma. Don't worry. Where others might have SEcurity, we're leaders in OBscurity.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance

This is so rich. A group is trying an argument from absurdity tactic to show how ridiculous the claim that Washington State's Andersen v. King County decision is that declared a "legitimate state interest" for the state to restrict same-sex couples from legal marriage.

Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance

If passed by Washington voters, the Defense of Marriage Initiative would:

* add the phrase, “who are capable of having children with one another” to the legal definition of marriage;
* require that couples married in Washington file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage automatically annulled;
* require that couples married out of state file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage classed as “unrecognized;”
* establish a process for filing proof of procreation; and
* make it a criminal act for people in an unrecognized marriage to receive marriage benefits.