Sunday, June 25, 2006

Identity Theft -- Still the Victim's Problem

NPR 12-5-2002, All things considered 4pm.

"businesses are so interested in extending credit..." they just write off the losses. ID theft has not hit businesses economically yet, since that cost is borne by the victims, so they don't have incentive to do anything to fix these problems. And yet, the disclosure laws have given incentive to fix these problems but they seem to instead be incenting companies to water down the proposed federal legislation to neuter the positive effects they are having at creating a market economic incentive to fix the problems (though from the myriad reports still coming out every week about more data lost, you wonder what the heck some CISOs are doing).

Also, this story discusses a report that most ID theft is done by insiders. You do include insider attacks in your threat models, don't you? Kill the fortress mentality!

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