Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Car Break-in

Ugh. Came out this morning to my car in my driveway to go downtown and found both right-side windows rolled down. Hmmm... I didn't do that. Go around to the driver's side and both of _those_ are rolled down too. Grrr.

Fortunately, it did not rain very hard so there was little water that got in the car. And fortunately there is no visible damage and nothing was taken (there really wasn't anything to take except some pennies)

And now I find via a Google search that there are some hacks that can cause the windows to all electronically roll down with a screwdriver in or near the keyhole. Lovely. This system does not seem to require the key with the transponder chip in it to operate. Maybe someone with a valet key or some kind of master can trick the lock into rolling down the windows.

Looks like I'll be disconnecting that wiring and maybe even replacing the keyhole cover with a blank plate like on the passenger side to cover the hole entirely. Either that or leave the car unlocked for the next guy.