Monday, September 24, 2007

Internet Discount Shopping Sites

I know people who use and quite a bit.  I wasn't aware of the others, many of which have coupon codes.  I always wondered where people got those codes, aside from direct email marketing.

Our Favorite Internet Discount Shopping Sites
One reason we use the internet is to buy merchandise at a discount to retail. Do you know how to find the lowest prices? Did you know that internet coupons, rebates, and codes are available that will make your purchases even less expensive?

I have assembled my favorite sites on one page to make your discount internet shopping easier.

Marijuana arrests at all-time "high"

"A pot-smoker is arrested every 38 seconds in America".

God damn it's time to decriminalize this.  We have real police work that could be done instead of wasting police, jail, and court time on this crap.  I can only imagine what it was like during alcohol prohibition.  Sheesh.

Marijuana Arrests at All-Time High - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime