Sunday, June 25, 2006

Artists and Consumers get screwed by the music industry

Passionate condemnation of the music industry:

[IP] MUST READ Courtney Love does the math The controversial singertak

[IP] last on this topic -- Does File Trading Fund Terrorism? Successful artists not seeing any profit. 20:00.0&end=00:00:27:30.0

[IP] 2 more on Does File Trading Fund Terrorism?

And to round this out, a great interview with John Perry Barlow on the evils of Digital Restriction Management Wrapped up in Crypto Bottles

And to draw in a security angle to all of this:

Security Blog

Sony rootkit debacle highlights the failure of the security technology industry: The real story, as Bruce Schneier points out - why the hell didn't any Antivirus software (or IDS for that matter), detect this software sooner? Is corporate malware going to continue to be default allow by these products? We are collectively paying these companies billions of dollars for what?

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