Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tech Tip Roundup

DIY external portable USB Hard drive: Just bought the Bytecc HD-201u2 enclosure. It is completely USB powered. Stick any laptop harddrive you want in there and go. Comes with a cable and a nice carry case (although the zipper is crap).

Preloading images on a page using only CSS

Grab a PDF copy of the Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet #1: Javascript effects Side note: someone really has the last name Fuchs? How cool is that?!

Windows, has a limit: a single PC can be controlled by a single “local” user (the “real” person on place), OR a single “remote” user. If someone logs into the computer from remote, the local user is disconnected. The following procedure deactivates this block and allows multiple persons to connect and to use a single computer from remote.

Ricky’s Web Review Blog Archive Windows XP Multiuser Remote Desktop Enabling up to 3 simultaneous remote desktops on Windows XP

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