Friday, November 24, 2006

Verizon settles class-action suit about deceptive practices regarding crippled phones

This is great news.  They did the same with other phones, including the e815 that I have.  Fortunately, there are ways around this to re-enable the crippled features, but they are out of reach to most consumers.  I had to buy a data cable and software on eBay to uncripple my phone.

[infowarrior] - Verizon Slapped for Crippling Bluetooth
Verizon has been getting weasely with some of its customers in California who bought its Motorola v710 Bluetooth-³capable² phone on or before January 31, 2005. Preliminary approval of the settlement was granted in a California court for a class-action suit against the company because it didn¹t accurately tell prospective customers that its Bluetooth features weren¹t what they appeared to be. Verizon said the phone ³works with a PC² but left out that part about how you can¹t wirelessly sync photos or contacts or any other files using Bluetooth.

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