Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bank of America jails a customer; causes backlash > $50 million

The This is Broken blog is a pretty cool idea too.  There are so many processes, instructions, websites, etc. that just don't work quite right.  They get posted to this blog!

This Is Broken - Bank of America jailing a customer
Matthew Shinnick dropped by a Bank of America branch in San Francisco to make sure a check he was about to deposit wasn't fraudulent. The teller found that the check was fraudulent and told the manager, who then had Shinnick thrown in jail. Are you getting this right? The customer who wanted to make sure he wasn't about to draw on a fraudulent check, got thrown in jail by Bank of America.
In response, customers have withdrawn or removed at least $50 million (at last count) from B of A in protest.  See also Clark Howard's site, who gave this lots of attention in California on his radio show.

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