Friday, November 24, 2006

Department of Homeland Pork

Get this:  The list of top terrorist targets from the Department of Homeland Security is seriously braindead.  It includes 1,305 casinos, 234 restaurants, an ice cream parlor, a tackle shop, a flea market, and an Amish popcorn factory  3,650 sites total.  What's going on?  Pork-barrel politics is what's going on.  We're never going to get security right if we continue to make it a parody of itself.

The worst part is that DHS didn't even try to hide the pork-barreling by making the inclusions and omissions clear and blatant.  Oy.  I reluctantly file this in the security category...

The Seattle Times: Local News: Dept. of Homeland Lunacy
When it comes to homeland security, I give up.

I've tried to highlight the absurdity of trying to protect every cranny of our country from al-Qaida attack. I've critiqued everything from the waste of buying anti-terrorist locks for Sammamish City Hall to the illogic of not having security cameras outside our airport. And yes, I've resorted to that columnist stock-in-trade: mocking and satirizing.

But it turns out nothing I can make up is as ludicrous as what the Department of Homeland Security is actually doing.

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