Friday, November 24, 2006

CIA Kryptos Sculpture Has a Typo

It's not really a typo but an intentionally left-out X separator for
aesthetics on the sculpture that was intended to result in gibberish
when decrypted that would clue in the decryptors to reinsert a separator
and try again, except it ended up spelling something intelligible
instead of garbage so they thought they had decrypted it properly!
A Break for Code Breakers on a C.I.A. Mystery - New York Times
For nearly 16 years, puzzle enthusiasts have labored to decipher an 865-character coded message stenciled into a sculpture on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters in Langley, Va. This week, the sculptor gave them an unsettling but hopeful surprise: part of the message they thought they had deciphered years ago actually says something else.

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