Friday, March 17, 2006

DHS adds another "F" to Chertoff's record

DHS Gets Another F in Computer Security

Is anyone surprised? They can't even manage a disaster in the physical world (Katrina), what makes you think they can manage the disaster that DHS is? Another black mark for Chertoff and the Bush administration.

Why does the public still think that the Bush administration is strong on defending America?

Most federal agencies that play key roles in the war on terror are doing a dismal job of protecting their computers and information networks from hackers and viruses, according to portions of a report to be released by a key congressional oversight committee Thursday.

The Department of Homeland Security, which is charged with setting the government's cyber security agenda, earned a grade of F for the third straight year from the House Government Reform Committee. Other agencies whose failing marks went unchanged from 2004 include the departments of Agriculture, Defense, Energy, State, Health and Human Services, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs.

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