Saturday, March 11, 2006

Can you actually fly without providing ID?

IDP : Investigation

Help us help you determine whether the TSA told the 9th Circuit the truth. Can you fly without ID? According to what the government told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Gilmore case, you can – you need only submit to secondary screening in order to fly anonymously.

I am just reading a Lee Child book from 1999 (pre 9/11) where the main character flew under president's names. Would be fun if you could get away with this. Might try it on my next flight...

I almost laughed when I went to the Westin building in Seattle and the guard was going to let me in but I had to show him my ID to get a badge, presumably. But it was funny that someone who worked in the building that I was coming to see happened to come by at the same time and was able to take me in without showing ID or getting a badge. Go figure. So, how important for security _is_ showing an ID then? And, if your threat model includes suicide bombers, what does an ID buy you in terms of protection?

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