Friday, March 21, 2003

Users tricked into believing a Nokia upgrade hoax

"Nokia 7650 upgrade - hoax

An internet hoax is traveling round the internet that purports to be a
press release from Nokia offering an upgrade for owners of the Nokia
7650 handset to support a series of new features.

The press release says that "Nokia today announced after months of
speculation and rumours that it will be re-releasing it's flagship
Symbian OS phone, the 7650, with the long awaited increased memory

The new 7650 will remain branded as 7650 but will have the added feature
of an MMC expansion bay and support for Bluetooth Audio."

There is a web site address for the press release, that at first look,
does look like a Nokia web site address - but the @ symbol in the middle
of the URL actually causes browsers to ignore everything before it, and
the remainder of the address is a web page on a totally different
server. "

One of the URLs looks like this, so you can see how someone could be easily tricked into believing it as legitimate:

The page no longer works, but you need to be very diligent online and can't trust everything you read. Someone could easily hide this URL in some inocuous text so you would not easily notice the underhandedness: Nokia fake press release

Read more about these same techniques that spammers often use to trick you at Stupid Spam Tricks.

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