Friday, March 21, 2003

Analysis of the educational initiatives outlined in the national cybersecurity strategy

Rob Slade takes an in-depth look at what the National Cybersecurity Strategy is for security education and doesn't really find much. To summarize:

"we [the U.S. Gov't] can't do it alone, so we're not going to do anything"

"How will it happen?"

"Focus or force?"

"Security awareness cannot be promoted by establishing contests where nobody will compete."

"Again, this proposal sounds good, but, without details to back it up, I doubt that there will be any impact any time soon"

"Subject to budget considerations. No further comment needed."

"What incentive do those companies have to do so? "

"How about funding?"

"OK, the government doesn't want to help or fund certification, but wants to dictate what the certification is for."

"I imagine AV and firewall vendors will be delighted that the government will be advertising for them"

The document seems to say a lot but does not seem as if it will actually do anything.

Read the full analysis in Risks 22.63, article 1

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