Saturday, March 22, 2003

Juxtaposition mobile edition!

I just found out some very simple instructions and a sample template to make a parallel WML version of this site for viewing on my mobile phone (I do work for a wireless phone company, after all). Check out the result: Juxtaposition mobile edition

I started by finding this WAP & WML thread at

This discussion pointed me to two solutions for two different problems:

  1. Nicely Toasted Mobile, which generates wml versions on-the-fly for WAP-based mobile devices
  2. Mark Pilgrim's solution which was designed for more intelligent mobile form factors, like the palm. This is how you can create Avant-Go compatible content for offline browsing with tools like Plucker.

I chose the first option as this is the one that I really find lacking right now--the ability to view my own site from my Ericsson t68i. I can view the regular site just fine (with the exception of the style sheet, because Pocket IE does not support CSS...) in my Siemens SX56. But cannot even coax the Ericsson to view the RDF version.

I made just a couple of tweaks to the Nicely Toasted template to customize the content and make it generic enough to be used for any other blog, including: making the Home URL relative, changing the blog name using the tag <MTBlogName>

I think that the next step will be to further customize the template to include hyperlinks to the rest of the story content.

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