Monday, May 14, 2007

The ACLU defends YOUR rights too

This is also one that puzzles me.  I think it is primarily that some people dislike some of the causes that the ACLU has taken up (e.g. against ridiculous religious wackos trying to instill their brand of religion or morality as the law of the land) and so they discard the whole organization out of pocket.  But their slogan, "Freedom can't defend itself" speaks to exactly what they are here for:  to defend The Bill of Rights.  You know, the Bill of Rights is what gives the religious people their freedom to practice religion.  Too bad they don't see that the ACLU is also fighting for their rights too.

Card-carrying genuine patriotism at Pandagon
In terms of venerable institutions that are the target of right wing rage, the one that always puzzled me the most is the ACLU. I mean, I don’t doubt why it’s the target of so much hatred—wingnuts are well-known for thinking the word “freedom” looks good on a bumper sticker but shoudn’t actually be practiced as a matter of policy—but I’m shocked that even mainstream Republican politicians indulge in blatant disdain for an institution that defends the most fundamental principles of our democracy. The facade that Republicans care about individual liberty completely falls apart when Bush Sr. use the term “card-carrying member of the ACLU” as an insult.
By the way, our founding fathers were primarily Deists; we are not a Christian nation. 

Founding Fathers were primarily Deists, Holmes says | University Relations
The predominant theology of the early Colonial period was Deism, the idea that God created the world but then had no further role in its functioning, Holmes explained to the audience.

“It’s wrong to see [Washington] as other than a Christian,” Holmes said. He added that the best description of Jefferson’s religion was Unitarian while noting the author of the Declaration of Independence called the concept of the Trinity “Greek arithmetic.”

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