Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christian group whining about Starbucks "new" logo

Starbucks is switching back to their original logo, which Howard Schultz described as "bare-breasted and Rubenesque; [it] was supposed to be as seductive as coffee itself". So, of course, the crazies who equate sex with the devil are going...crazy...over it. Can't we send them back to the 16th century? they said "The company might as well call themselves Slutbucks."

But this makes for quite a fun thought: You could get a Starbucks coffee and take it with you while you ride the South Lake Union Trolley (aka S.L.U.T.) It could be more fun than the Duck tour for tourists. It could even have a stopover at the Lusty Lady.

Another example where some Christian group is trying to push their version of "morals" on others. I'm fine if they want to boycott Starbucks. Maybe the lines will be shorter.

BBC NEWS | Business | Anger at 'slutty' Starbucks logo

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