Saturday, October 20, 2007

AV Fightclub

You get to talk about this Fightclub.  Kaspersky wins again. 

I would be somewhat wary of ClamAV though since it seems to suffer from loads of security holes: versus the Kaspersky results:

Also, refer back to the previous posting Juxtaposition: Antivirus bakeoff public results for another source of AV comparisons.

untangling the future… » Blog Archive » AntiVirus Fightclub Results!
Only three (Clam, Kaspersky, Norton) call all of these. Three others (F-Prot, Sophos, Mcafee) missed a few ranging from an 80-90% catch rate - not very good considering these are all really common viruses, but certainly better than others. GlobalHauri and the gateway appliances (Sonicwall, Fortinet, Watchguard) all performed poorly - catching about 60% and less of these common viruses. Watchguard would only catch one virus (the eicar test virus), which is odd because I thought they used the ClamAV engine.

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