Sunday, March 11, 2007

Link mania

I've found these fascinating and hilarious through boingboing. Here are some links to some digital photography / photoshopping contests:

DPChallenge - A Digital Photography Contest
Worth 1000 Photoshop Contests
Fark often has photoshopped photos or contests posted.

The IEEE sees the writing on the wall for CRTs: IEEE Spectrum: Goodbye, CRT I'm looking to snag some nice tasty 19" Samsungs like this at Newegg on sale this month for $179

Also, here's an op-ed by Sam Harris on the 10 myths -- and 10 truths -- about Atheism Unfortunately, the word "Atheist" is so politically charged and has so many meanings to different Atheists that I prefer to stick with "Nontheist" for now. But the tide may be changing with Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins at the forefront, and the skeptical movement picking up steam.

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  1. Hey Jason, where are you working now? I just left microsoft to start my own integration company. My partners are looking for a good security person. What's your story?