Sunday, March 11, 2007

In other sysadmin news...

I also finally started using the excellent PromoteThis plugin to create the nice links to digg.

Also, I had to install the MTStripControlChars plugin, but an updated one from an entry at the VOIP and Gadgets Blog to keep Windows 1252 encoded characters (mostly quotes and double-quotes) from creeping into postings. It happens a lot with pasted in text from websites. Ugh.

You know, it's kind of irritating that the MTAmazon and MTBlogroll plugins aren't XHTML compliant yet. I may just contribute some fixes to do proper URL entity encoding. I had a ton of HTML cruft from migrating from various template versions and bad Sidebars I didn't test. Fortunately, the browsers didn't seem to mind. All of the HTML I could clean up should be cleaned up now, save for some possible issues from Performancing-edited posts. Can't wait for the revival of Performancing...

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