Wednesday, November 9, 2005

The complete toll of the Iraq War

It really miffs me to hear media focus entirely on the number of death-specific casualties of the Iraq war but completely ignore the other horrible casualties. From the McLaughlin Group, 11/4/05:

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: Okay, the human toll: The U.S. military dead in Iraq, including suicides, 2,035; U.S. military amputeed, wounded, injured, mentally ill, 48,100; Iraqi civilians dead, 117,700.

Note to the media: Why don't you ask yourselves why it is only the number of _dead_ servicemen who you choose to highlight? Isn't 48,100 WOUNDED US CITIZENS an even more horrific number? Yes, 2035 dead US Citizens is tragic, but death is not the only tragic consequence for the soldiers.

And what about the Iraqi _deaths_ of 117,700? That's not their wounded count. That's the number of body bags needed or graves to be dug.

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