Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hollywood misleads the press on piracy statistics

Hollywood: Thousands Dead From File Sharing

Statements and statistics from the music, movie and software cartels are about as accurate as their claims that they're honest, hard-working companies with consumers' and performers' best interests at heart.

A couple of years back, the Big Four Organized Music family's RIAA said a raid against a New York counterfeit operation resulted in the equivalent of 421 CD burners being seized.

However, Bill Evans had been told the numbers was actually156.

Jon Newton

When he asked for an explanation for the discrepancy, "We stated that the raid was the equivalent of 421 burners, as we need to put these operations in perspective based on burning capacity and output, not the number of physical slots for the discs," RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) truth adjustment specialist Amy Weiss said.

"Since they burn 4x burners - it is roughly 4xs the numbers of burners."

Good grief. There's more in the article. I don't believe that this is the first revelation of lying with statistics from this industry.

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