Wednesday, November 30, 2005

<strike>Security In Airlines</strike> Airline Insecurity

When people tried to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina, airline security prevented many from being able to leave before the airport had to be shut down. This is where a threat model would have helped make the right decision in the face of competing risks. And where "zero tolerance" policies really show how they are "zero thought" policies.

Hurricane Security and Airline Security Collide

And recently, if you thought that airline security was too strict, it is working. You should know it is only designed to make you _think_ that so that you will keep flying. If they really based it on a real threat model, you would have a very different traveling experience and stupid things like taking fingernail clippers and metal knives away, but allowing you to have full glass bottles of alcohol on planes would not happen. My cousin, who was in the army, recently said, "I'd like a terrorist to try to attack me with fingernail clippers." The implication was that he would kick their ass to a bloody pulp before they got anywhere because that is stupidity masquerading as a threat to airline security.

Here is what happens when a politician says The Emperor Has No Clothes. Good for him to speak the truth. The homeland security budget could be put to use protecting against real threats.

Real threats like the fact that our air traffic control systems have shitty security. It is so bad, they lack cyber security. Oooh.
FAA air-traffic systems lack cyberprotections, GAO finds

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