Friday, May 23, 2003 RPC error fix

You may have seen this error crop up in your movabletype blog:

Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 500 read timeout

I found plenty of sites through google where people were asking about this but nobody offered a solution that I saw. Well, I found a solution that was posted on the MT support forum just an hour or so ago: : Support Forum

below is a unified diff so that you can patch your site. The patch seems to work most of the time, although I have had at least one of the same errors crop up. That could have been due to something else though.

--- Tue Feb 11 16:15:03 2003
+++ lib/MT/ Fri May 23 16:29:04 2003
@@ -68,8 +68,12 @@
"HTTP error: [_1]", $res->status_line ));
my $content = $res->content;
- my($error, $msg) = $content =~
- m!flerror.*?(\d+).*message.*?(.+?)!s;
+# quick fix to RPC error in activity log. See blog entry for details.
+# my($error, $msg) = $content =~
+# m!flerror.*?(\d+).*message.*?(.+?)!s;
+ my($error) = $content =~ m!flerror.*?(d+)!s;
+ my($msg) = $content =~ m!message.*?(.+?)!s;
if ($error) {
return $class->error(MT->translate(
"Ping error: [_1]", $msg ));

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  1. hi, i have a new computer and just got virus w32 , i have cleaned my computer but cannot acces to https pages (banks and that stuff). I just clicked on the exclamation sign on the explorer window bottom left, and it refered me to error 113 RPC, the thing is, what should i do, can somenone help me?