Thursday, May 22, 2003

Illogical rantings on "under God" issue

I couldn't pass this one up.

Miami News-Record - Gerald Stone Column

" At a time when we need God and religion in our lives more than ever, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to strike down the words �under God� from the Pledge of Allegiance."

I'll add some clarification to this statement:

"we" = you and those who believe as you do
"our lives" = the lives of you and those who believe as you do.

It was a bit unclear. It sounded like you are representing non-Judeo-Christians.

And more God in your life requires "under God" in the national pledge of allegiance? Does not follow...

"This poor excuse for a human must have been off his medication for a long time."

I can hardly begin to respond to this fallaciousness. Now I really know that you never read the court decision text.

"the Supreme Court will probably hear the case sometime this year and you can expect �under God� to be taken out of the pledge.

The Bush administration, in its petition to the high court, argues that the Pledge is not like a prayer or invocation. They're the only ones making sense. But, the atheist-inclined liberals will probably get their way."

So, anyone who agrees with the court's decision, for whatever reason, is painted as "atheist-inclined" and a "liberal". That is such an enlightened viewpoint.

And why is it that many Republicans want the government to be involved in actively furthering a particular faith but in most other aspects of life (e.g. gun control) they want to be left alone?

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  1. People keep leaving God out will see more evil and God's punishment. God loved us anough to let his son die for us .He doesn't like evil or sin. what has the devil done for you? should be what people be asking themself.