Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Santa Clara County: more clueless electronic ballot junkies

Santa Clara County faces key decision on electronic ballots

"The future of electronic voting may be rewritten this week in Santa
Clara County, where county leaders are weighing warnings that the
touch-screen voting machines they want to buy are more prone to error
and fraud than the systems they would replace."

"Sequoia's systems don't produce paper ballots that voters can verify,
and supervisors didn't ask for such a device in their bid
proposal. Vendors and election officials say paper ballots aren't
needed because the machines have internal safeguards, are certified by
federal and state governments and tested repeatedly before and after

Ack! Read the research! Read my rant! Just stop immediately and don't do anything yet!

"``We still believe they're secure,'' Assistant County Executive Peter
Kutras said Friday. ``There are not any issues that should cause
concern in terms of voter confidence.'' "

Good Grief.

This is also good press for the petition that David Dill at Stanford began. Hopefully they will listen.

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