Saturday, October 25, 2008

My newfound links to fame.

So, I was on myspace inviting other members of my mentoring group to our myspace group when I noticed a posting by Death Cab For Cutie,
I thought, "Wait a minute.  There can't be more than one Chris Walla."  Well, there may be, but I know this one.  I googled him to find a photo and more information -- sure enough, he's a friend of mine from Bothell High School that I used to play guitar with in a couple bands.  And now, he is the producer and guitarist for Death Cab For Cutie.  How did I not know this?  His Wikipedia entry also mentions his stint with a band, The Wallflowers (no, not the famous one of the same name).  I was in that band myself for a short time.  It was in the days before I had truly discovered Indie rock though so was not a good fit at the time.  He has also done lots of work with another favorite band of mine, The Decemberists, from Portland, OR.  Insane!

I also found out that he's still in touch with another High School friend, Nathan Goode, who was one of the best drummers I had ever seen.  Chris, Nate, my friend Mike, Jerod and I used to all play together at Nate's house or in my backyard shed -- it was a lot of fun.

Crazy!  Well, maybe there is still hope of quitting my job and being a rockstar after all...

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