Thursday, April 17, 2008

Progressive democratic outrage

I was incensed when the democratic senate passed the horrid FISA bill. It's good that congress is actually standing up for what is good though and holding a tough line. I just wish the senate would get on board and at least do something, even if it will be vetoed.

And this frustration can be seen in what I wrote for the democratic petition to impeach Bush and Cheney for torture:

Progressives like me around the country are tired of the do-nothing democratic congress continuing to let these atrocities go unchallenged and unpunished. What does an administration have to do these days to be held accountable? Torture? I guess they get a pass on that. Spying on Americans? Guess not that either. Holding citizens and others without Habeas Corpus protections or any due process? Nope on that account as well. We can only hope that Bush will get caught in some prostitution or sex scandal so that he might have some chance of being impeached I guess.

Get it together Democrats! Take a stand to protect what this country stands for--as embodied in our constitution. Stop being the party of the spineless trash-talkers and do something active protect the constitution and our freedoms before they are gone forever.

Join me and sign the petition. Reminds me of a funny but sad bumper sticker I saw that said, "Will somebody blow this guy so we can impeach him?" with a picture of George W. Bush.

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