Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lieberman website was not hacked, it crashed.

Lieberman is a wanker for many other reasons than this. But people do love to blame the faceless, nameless hacker before they exhaust their own likely culpability for an incident so whether it is purely political or the IT blame-game, it's typical.

Media Matters - Media that reported Lieberman's hacking charge against Lamont supporters have yet to report FBI found "no evidence of (an) attack"
Summary: Despite having reported the allegation by Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign that supporters of Ned Lamont had "hacked" Lieberman's campaign website, ABC, CNN, and CBS have yet to report that an FBI investigation reportedly found "no evidence of (an) attack." The Advocate of Stamford, Connecticut, reported on April 9 that an October 2006 FBI email indicated that the FBI had found Lieberman's website "crashed because Lieberman officials continually exceeded a configured limit of 100 e-mails per hour the night before the primary."

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