Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AT&T plans security news channel

AT&T plans CNN-style security channel

Security experts at AT&T are about to take a page from CNN's playbook. Within the next year they plan to begin delivering a video streaming service that will carry Internet security news 24/7, according to the executive in charge of AT&T Labs.

The service, which currently goes by the codename Internet Security News Network, (ISN) is under development at AT&T Labs, but it will be offered as an additional service to the company's customers within the next nine to 12 months, according to Hossein Eslambolchi, president of AT&T�s Global Networking Technology Services and AT&T Labs

ISN will look very much like Time Warner's Cable News Network, except that it will be broadcast exclusively over the Internet, Eslambolchi said. "It's like CNN," he said. "When a new attack is spotted, we'll be able to offer constant updates, monitoring, and advice."

Given the kinds of horrible "sky is falling" coverage on mainstream media of security items in the past, perhaps this can help raise the bar?

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