Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The curious Will of God

Pat Robertson's contradictory theology: God won ... [Media Matters for America]

So, God doesn't control the natural world around us--that just works on its own volition, according to Pat Robertson. But, "in terms of human affairs, I do think he answers prayer". Specifically, Pat was saying that those evangelicals who are praying for bigoted, religious zealots to be placed in the supreme court could have their prayers answered and a Godly intervention, but in cases, such as the Tsunami, where God could have protected tens of thousands of human lives, God won't get involved. Apparently human life is not a "human affair"?

God doesn't "change the magma" or "wind currents" but he does change human minds on issues regarding the selection of US supreme court justices. Talk about a micro-manager...

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