Sunday, May 1, 2005

Car Crunch History

So, within the past week, my brand new car got crunched in a parking lot while I was attending a security conference. Here are some photos:

I really did park straight...


In the distance, you can see the semi that did the damage

After the car was moved back into the spot. You can see the skid marks showing that the car was moved at least two feet.

What happened was that the truck driver (53 foot semi) had tried to take a tight right turn and the back left corner of the truck swung wide and clipped my trunk, hitting first the left tail light and continuing across, pushing the car two feet into the car in the next stall. The driver didn't even know he had hit the car. The double skidmarks from the trailer showed that he had also gone up on the curb in the parking lot right after the trailer hit my car.

The body shop guys keep saying that the car is a novelty. Nobody has seen a trunk get destroyed so thoroughly without severe rear-end body damage. The trunk lid took the brunt of the damage.

My sister pointed out that every car I've owned has been hit by someone. The sordid history:

  • 1984 Nissan Sentra: Hit & run in school parking lot the first day I drove it to high school

  • 1988 Honda Accord Coupe: Hit & run in Redmond Town Center parking garage while at work.

  • 1994 Toyota Pickup: Rear-ended while at a metered ramp on I-405. The other guy's car was crunched. The truck had a great bumper and didn't suffer any damage, fortunately.
  • 2004 Infiniti: Hit and dragged two feet by a 53 foot Serta mattress truck


My brother-in-law found a Serta Sheep #86 that arrived on my doorstop unexpectedly yesterday. This is hilarious! A quote from the fictional sheep:

"Of course Serta is bad...very bad...maybe the most evil force in the whole universe."

"In the spirit of all that is fair and just, have pity on me."

For the record, I have no issues with the driver or Serta. I just think it's a funny story. I haven't been too inconvenienced. Thanks for insurance!

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