Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"You know your security is broken when..."

"... a $250 device can clone RFID passports and Driver's licenses at a distance"

Researchers built a mobile device for $250 that can
  1. identify and
  2. clone RFID chips in US passports and state REAL ID driver's licenses by war driving.
Do you think that they will listen to the security and privacy experts next time?  Probably not.

[ISN] Passport RFIDs cloned wholesale by $250 eBay auction spree
"It's one thing to say that something can be done, it's another thing completely to actually do it," Paget said in explaining why he built the device. "It's mainly to defeat the argument that you can't do it in the real world, that there's no real-world attack here, that it's all theoretical."

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