Saturday, February 14, 2009

Untrue email indicators

After sending out the umpteenth rebuttal of a demonstrably untrue email this week, I thought of at least two things that are negatively correlated with the truthfulness of the contents:
  • A claim by the author of the chain email that they "verified this on snopes" (with or without a link to snopes).  Note, this is a claim by the chain email author, not your friend who just forwarded it to you.  I have seen not only just the generic claim of verifying on snopes (without citation), but also an erroneous link to content on snopes that actually _refutes_ the content being peddled.
  • Pleading by the author to "send this to everyone you know".  Again, this is done by the anonymous or pseudonymous author of the untrue content, not your buddy who sent it to you.

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