Sunday, January 25, 2009

EV certs used against us

I happened to notice this in my Spam bucket.  Funny to see the phishers adapting to the trend of increased use of EV certs and the fact that customers are rightly ignorant of what EV certs actually are and why they would be good for them.  It's never as simple as one might think to solve these kinds of problems with technology.  There is that human factor...

Dear HSBC Member,
Due to the high number of fraud attempts and phishing scams, it has been decided to implement EV
SSL Certification on this Internet Banking website.

The use of EV SSL certification works with high security Web browsers to clearly identify whether
the site belongs to the company or is another site imitating that company's site.

It has been introduced to protect our clients against phishing and other online fraudulent activities.
Since most Internet related crimes rely on false identity, HSBC went through a rigorous validation
process that meets the Extended Validation guidelines.

Please Update your account to the new EV SSL certification by Clicking here.

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