Sunday, January 25, 2009

Citibank ATM insecurity

Ahh, doesn't it save so much money to outsource?  Ever wonder why it is cheaper (there _are_ reasons)?  Well, in this case it seems that the company running ATMs at 7-11s that Citibank allowed to put its brand on had a massive security breach.  Does not look like they were very security savvy.  Funny, there's one of these ATMs at the 7-11 right near my house.  And I thought I had to be scared of the tiny, off-brand ones in convenience stores!

ATM-Owner Cardtronics Issues Non-Denial Denial in Citibank Breach | Threat Level from
To recap what we know about the late-2007 PIN theft: Hackers broke into a server that processes transactions from the Citibank-branded ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores. The hackers installed some kind of software on the server, and made off with enough account numbers and PINs to steal at least two million dollars from Citibank accounts.

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