Sunday, June 29, 2008

NCIS can't hold a candle to CSI

I had watched one episode of NCIS early on in its life and just thought that the writing was _horrible_. I knew then that I didn't need to watch any more episodes.

Well, someone I know was recently raving about NCIS so I decided to give it another shot--maybe they had gotten new writers? It was still _horrible_ writing. The writers tended to make most every line "cutesy", "syrupy", not like real people would talk at all. And the cast of characters are all their own caricatures. They fill the show with loads of dialogue that just detracts from the show. It seemed strained, like the writers are trying _way_ too hard to be funny. It wasn't.

There were a lot of cut-shots where they would cut to someone else's face to get their reaction. Why don't they just insert their own laugh track while they're at it?

I'll stick with CSI and CSI New York. The writing is intelligent, the characters are all very intricate and interesting. The humorous lines are just enough. The only thing that I can't stand on CSI are the guest writer episodes where they try something totally different -- like making it a dark comedy. Those are terrible. Stick to the regular characters and format. Oh, and the thing I can't stand on CSI New York is how overtly in-love with technology the writers are. It makes me sick how they try to shove as many techno-anythings into every episode. Once I saw the Cisco product placements I knew what was up. Now I know where Bill Gates sold his remaining tablet PCs...

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