Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Computer failure causes closure of Seattle downtown transit tunnel

This one boggles the mind.  I had to send it for publication in Risks. 

The Risks Digest Volume 24: Issue 93
Computer Failure Causes Closure of Seattle Downtown Transit Tunnel
The tunnel was opened, and then closed again the next day due to continued problems:

Bus tunnel closure continues
from Sound Transit, Metro and General Electric Transportation, which
was contracted to install the electrical and computer systems, were
trying Wednesday evening to figure out what caused a connection between
the tunnel and the control center to fail Monday, work Tuesday, and
then fail again.

The tunnel's electrical systems, which control the lights and
ventilation, are working, Sound Transit spokesman Bruce Gray said. But
the disruption prevented Metro's control center from remotely running
the systems. For safety, Sound Transit and Metro decided to keep the
tunnel closed.
It is supposedly open again:

RPIN - View News Release
        Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel open Thursday morning (Dec 27th)

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