Friday, August 19, 2005

ZDNet's "apology" to Google

Gotta love brit humor! This is great tongue-in-cheek commentary at its best.

The background: UK published details about Google's CEO using public information found on...Google (aka Google hacking). Google wasn't happy about this, so they banned Google employees from speaking to reporters for a year. Absurd!

But, fortunately, ZDNet UK has apologized for the whole matter, although it is covered with loads o' sweet syrupy sarcasm.

ZDNET.UK's "apology" to Google

Clearly, there is no place in modern reporting for this kind of unregulated,
unprotected access to readily available facts, let alone in capriciously
using them to illustrate areas of concern. We apologise unreservedly, and
will cooperate fully in helping Google change people's perceptions of its
role just as soon as it feels capable of communicating to us how it wishes
that role to be seen.

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