Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zombie Juxtaposition blog coming back to life

I've had it on my TODO list to resurrect my blog posts and import into Blogger and finally started doing it.  So, you'll see lots of former posts coming back.  I'm trying to review each one and clean up any formatting issues or easy to fix broken links or images.

My incentive was that summer is here, but I could not find the recipe for My New Concoction: The Adele Claire.  And I'm also going to be crafting a new creation in honor of my son.  Now it is back so enjoy an Adele Claire and read some history ;-)

It is actually somewhat sad to see old topics back in the news again:

  • FISA, warrantless wiretaps, telecom immunity
  • Obama vs. his former self (he was running anti-FISA)
Oh, how times change yet stay the same...

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