Friday, June 4, 2010

Alcohol, Caffeine and Pregnancy

Sorting through the myriad information and misinformation on these topics is difficult.  And remembering what the actual conclusion is can be even more difficult "Was coffee safe or not?"

So, I figured that I would blog about two very recent posts that summarize the data about these topics.


Caffeine bad ("Pregnant women should avoid caffeine because of potential effects on
fetal growth and spontaneous abortion."), Alcohol seems okay in moderation (i.e. no known conclusive data exists that shows a problem with low intake during pregnancy)

Science-Based Medicine » Alcohol and Pregnancy

"The scientific evidence has not identified a threshold below which
alcohol consumption during pregnancy is definitely safe, but neither has
it shown any convincing evidence of harm at low levels of intake, and
it has not ruled out the possibility that low levels might provide a
small benefit."
NeuroLogica Blog » Caffeine

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