Monday, July 28, 2008

Fairy & Human Relations

I was sad that when I was near Winthrop, WA this past weekend I was not able to break away to check out the Fairy & Human Relations Congress 2008 that was going on. I'm glad I remembered the website address so I could read more about it.

The notion that Fairies are not Human, such that they need to find ways of relating to us humans was strange. "The humans are vastly outnumbered at the Congress by the fairies, devas and other Light beings who are in attendance." I wasn't sure from the advertisement I saw if they were for real or not but I think they are. Of course you need to bring your crystals and items for the fairy altar.

And practice on using the word "realm" as much as you can.

I think their mission to increase peace is a good one, although I'm not sure which "realm" they are hoping to accomplish this in...

Some photos of what I missed:
Flickr: Fairy & Human Relations Congress 2008

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