Monday, March 3, 2008

Email with dubious political claims

Very timely after my Obama open letter...

 Dear Subscriber:

We want your help.

 In the weeks to come, many of you may be receiving dubious political
mailers, chain e-mails, phone calls or other political communications
attacking or supporting a presidential candidate.

 Please consider forwarding these "under the radar" political messages
to us for evaluation.

 Please be alert for anything like the false e-mail attack on Obama
that we debunked Jan. 10, or the misleading postcard attacking Romney
that we took on Jan. 15.

 We would also be interested to get recordings of any dubious claims
made in phone calls or left on answering machines, whether they come
from live callers working from scripts, or are automated "robo-calls."
These might be in the form of phony public-opinion polls in which the
caller asks something like, "Would you change your vote if you learned
that Candidate X didn't pay her income taxes last year?"

 These kinds of messages are often aimed at voters in specific
geographic areas, or at specific demographic groups, and
is seldom on the list. But with your help we will do our best to keep
distortions and falsehoods from spreading by these means.

 -Brooks Jackson

 If you can scan hard copies into your computer, or make digital audio
files, please e-mail to:
 [email protected]
Make the subject: Attn: Brooks Jackson

Otherwise, please send hard copies or physical recordings to:
Brooks Jackson
320 National Press Building
Washington DC 20045

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