Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Linksys unofficial firmware: DD-WRT

I may want to check into this as a nicer alternative for my WAP54G instead of HyperWRT, which is no longer maintained.  There is a compact version for devices with limited memory.  Wonder if it still has the samba driver in it...

DD-WRT is simply a project which was originally based on the official GPL Sources of Sveasoft Alchemy. but turned later to a OpenWRT Kernel vase firmware variant. Due the nature of GPL based projects, this firmware will be also release under this license. Initially i wrote this modification to make it possible, to use the Linksys WRT54G/GS inside our Wireless Lan network as cheap replacement for our professional Lancom and Orinocco access points. so what was missing? first, we are using radius authentication with a central account management inside our network for user authentication. There is already a radius application available for OpenWRT, but openwrt was no choice since it is not user friendly for a non computer professional without any linux knowledge. so i just integrated it with some small enhancements in the alchemy software. my wrt-radauth modifications:

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