Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Does Blockbuster suck worse than Business Method patents?

Netflix sues Blockbuster to shut online service - U.S. Business -

Yet another great busienss-method patent fight. Ugh.

Well, I can't stand blockbuster, who, among other transgressions, got busted in a lawsuit for claiming in marketing, "No More Late Fees" but had a fee listed in the fine print for keeping videos longer than a week. But I can't stand business method patents wielded as swords no matter who does it.

I couldn't believe that Blockbuster had the cajones to advertise that it didn't have late fees 'like those other guys". Just hypocritical since they were one of the biggest offenders of charging late fees (and misleading customers about their fee policy, which resulted in them being sued over that too)

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