Sunday, December 4, 2005

Possible investigation of Oil CEO lying

Lautenberg wants criminal investigation of Oil CEOs

Unbelievable to watch the CEOs lie on CSPAN and unfortunate that it took The Daily Show to point out that the prick who runs the committee prevented the Oil execs from being sworn in. Else they would be guilty of perjury.

I'm glad that my senator from the great state of Washington, Maria Cantwell, was the one who tried to get Ted Stevens (the aforementioned prick) to swear them in.

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  1. December 5, 2005--For the second straight time in a Rasmussen Reports election poll, Democrat Maria Cantwell leads Republican Mike McGavick 52% to 37%. The poll numbers are essentially unchanged from our November 10 survey.
    Cantwell is viewed favorably by 60% of Washington voters, up from 57% in the earlier election poll. Thirty-six percent (36%) have an unfavorable opinion of their Senator.
    McGavick has lower name recognition, but his favorables have improved a bit since the last survey in Washington. Forty-three percent (43%) now have a favorable opinion of the Safeco CEO, up from 35%. Thirty-one percent (31%) hold an unfavorable opinion, down from 34% three weeks ago.
    Cantwell has solid support within her own party, currently attracting 91% of the vote from Democrats. McGavick leads 77% to 15% among Republicans.